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Prospects School Presentation (Zimbabwe 2015)

Digital Jam award winning SCUBA VIDEO (Grand Cayman Islands in 2007 - Vic Lindal was the executive producer)

Cayman Brac Adventures 2013 (a little slide show put together by Vic showing the underwater fun he had while combatting AADD and procrastination!

El Camino  (A slide show of Vic's incredible 700 kilometre adventure on foot across Spain)

Walking, Eating & Sleeping  (An explanation of the El Camino, how to prepare, what to expect, and some great features you might encounter along the way)

Hawaii 1  (The El Camino terrain, directions and what to expect)

Hawaii 2 (This is a presentation Vic gave in Hawaii regarding the El Camino regarding the different reasons people do the El Camino, and has an overview of interesting books people read before embarking on their journey as well as stories Vic heard along the way.)

Hawaii 3  (Preparing for a big hike, training, taking care of your feet)

Journey To Manitoba 2007 (Grandpa Vic Sets up his special tent trailer in preparation for his Mountain Bike Trip from Victoria, BC to Manitoba)


Grow - (Getting the most out of anything you do with the right mindset)

'Walk For Your Health'  (Vic addresses how to overcome procrastination to experience ageless living) 

'Are You Ready' (Vic addresses the prescription drug problem, obesity, and how to overcome with positivity)

'Ageless' (Getting Older is inevitable, aging is optional)

Keep our Coaching Mentors Alive! (Vic speaks about how much retired Master Coaches can help young coaches and how much they want to do it!)

The Best Do What the Rest Are Not Prepared To Do (This is a short inspirational Toastmasters speech about mindset and Adversity Quotient)

The Best Do What The Rest Are Not Prepared To Do: (Part 2)

Dare To Dream (A heart warming and inspirational speech about Jessie Owens, his influences and road to achievement, highlighting the three keys to success)

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  • "What I have experienced in Vic Lindal is a down to earth individual who is able to speak a language that you can understand. His presentations are informative yet entertaining. ..."
    Dorothy Miller
    Speaker, Author of "What's Next with Your Life?"
  • "I greatly appreciated our time together and it helped me get my mindset back on track. It has been many years since I have had such great expectations of the future and such an..."
    Rob Dzisiak

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