Vic Lindal

Personal Coach for Greatness


Quotes Personal coaching has increased my positive images of myself, made me accountable for my feelings and actions, built my self esteem, made me feel that there is always at least one person who is on my side and cheering for me. re: Vic... He never lets you get away with giving easy answers to his questions. He makes you dig deep within yourself to discover your motivation, your thinking, and your mindset. He doesn't try to give you advice in the sense of telling you what you should do, but rather, helps you explore different ideas so that you are able to choose the option that is right for you. Quotes
Cindy Gordon
Figure skater, Office Supervisor at a govt. office.

Quotes Personal Greatness is the ability to look into yourself, work on your shortcomings, and help loved ones and others you come in contact with. Vic's coaching has allowed me to understand my part in each encounter I have. Whatever I decide to comment on at the beginning of our call, Vic is immediately ready with relevant information and discussion topics be it personal anecdotes or perfect quotes from the thousands of books he must have on his desk. Quotes
Eric Bramble
Commercial Realtor

Quotes If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always get. Vic provides specific instruction on how to make the changes you present to him and lets you take the credit for making it work. Vic's most valuable resource is his own personal greatness. He shares who he is, how he has created his own passion for living life fully and just invites you in. Most amazingly, he is able to communicate superbly with you in your own language. His intuition is absolutely amazing. His strong personal organization makes him a living resource, highly connected to both the energy and knowledge for abundant creation, a little like having a weekly conversation with Socrates when he's had time to turn his philosophy into living. Quotes
Sherill Ruckert
Braille Production Supervisor, Manitoba