Vic Lindal

Personal Coach for Greatness


Quotes I was introduced to Vic and his EPV program during a phase of my life where I felt very lost. I struggle with diagnosed anxiety and depression, and battled an eating disorder in my teenage years. ... I wanted things to change, but my anxiety, depression, and general outlook held me back from implementing goals, reaching them, and making fundamental shifts in how I live. I had procrastinated my way into debt, destructive relationships, and failing out of university.... In my initial sessions with Vic, he helped me change how I see myself. We would have a session every two weeks, and in-between sessions I would do daily visualizations, and centre my focus around shifting and changing my relationship with myself. With his guidance, my self-esteem has skyrocketed. Through daily affirmation, daily goal setting, and honest effort and reflection, I now have unbreakable esteem and a devout trust to myself to flourish when faced with any situation... Quotes
Jillian Schofield
27 years old, Winnipeg, MB

Quotes I've had many mentors and professional coaches throughout my career - but nobody quite like Vic. He has an amazing way of unlocking your potential from within. Working with Vic (for over a year) has changed my life. It sounds dramatic but his approach focuses not just on the workplace, but your overall wellbeing, mind body and spirit. I've been able to achieve more, feel less stressed, and increase happiness in all aspects of my life. I look forward to every session with Vic, who has such amazing insight and experience that crosses over so many industries, theories and practices. He offers fantastic support and is one of the most inspirational people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. (Director of Corporate Development for Canadian Outback Adventures & Events, which is a corporate team building company that operates throughout North America.) Quotes
Philip Keen
Director, Corporate Development

Quotes What I have experienced in Vic Lindal is a down to earth individual who is able to speak a language that you can understand. His presentations are informative yet entertaining. He's generous with his knowledge, it's safe to stay he over delivers, and he's exceptionally sincere. I particularly appreciate that his life's work is an example to be trusted. His heart is always in the right place. Following his advice will take you to the next level. Whether you're looking for a speaker or coach, he's got my vote. Quotes
Dorothy Miller
Speaker, Author of "What's Next with Your Life?"

Quotes I greatly appreciated our time together and it helped me get my mindset back on track. It has been many years since I have had such great expectations of the future and such an absolute will to make it become reality. The visualization and positive affirmations were very helpful in changing my mindset. Obviously cleaning out the individuals in my life that were constantly dragging me down was the key to my turn around. I visualize a lot and spent time everyday meditating and using affirmations. My life is definitely better as are my relationships. I am in a better spot mentally and this has resulted in a much improved financial picture. The stress and fear have been replace by confidence, strength and an appreciation for my many blessings. Quotes
Rob Dzisiak

Quotes Vic has taught me that consistency over time is the key to mastering a skill. You can't go hard for one day and expect tremendous results. Your biggest is, generally, yourself, so using positive affirmations will boost your game. Being negative not only effects you, but the people around you. In a game where mentality is key and physicality is only the icing on the cake, Vic is helping me improve in both areas. Thanks for everything Vic! Quotes
Olivia B.
Volleyball Player, 14 years old

Quotes Vic has helped me with confidence and self-respect. He says we shouldn't talk bad about ourselves, and instead use failure as motivation to improve. He uses the key word "NEXT" to teach us the past is in the past, and if you want to succeed you have to keep moving forward. Quotes
Morgan B.
Volleyball Player, 14 years old

Quotes Vic has been coaching me for 3 years now which has had a huge impact on my personal life along with my work life. I am currently a contractor in the window and door industry along with being an elite level hockey coach. Working with Vic has enabled me to develop a positive go getter mindset which has opened the door for achieving goals that would becunattainable otherwise. Our weekly talks keep me on track and focussed towards reaching my long term goals. One of Vic's favourite quotes is "things that get measured and monitored get done." Being held accountable is what I really need from a coach and Vic is constantly challenging me to be better everyday. I would 100 percent recommend that anyone looking to get on track in their life use his services. The impact that his coaching has made on my life is out of this world. I look forward to seeing where I'm going to be in 10 years under Vic's watchful eye. The sky is the limit and I plan to get there..... Quotes
Trent Brandvold
Contractor / Hockey Coaching

Quotes I have been a baseball coach for many decades. Sadly, this year, we lost a former player, 28 years old, to cancer. Marcus was one of my favourites because he always gave everything he had, every time out. He played with passion. A few months ago we had a gathering here in Victoria, to remember how blessed we were to know him. At that gathering, another player, Bobby, asked me if I remembered when he and his team mates were 13 yrs. old, bringing in an expert to help us learn to vision a desired outcome, qualifying for the Nationals, a year away, and representing BC. Our expert was Vic Lindal, and he taught our players to imagine being there, and playing well. We even put the Nationals on our schedule! A year later, we did exactly that, and won against a very strong field! Bobby told me he never forgot that time with Vic (14yrs ago), and that he uses visioning in his life all the time! He added 'It really works!', and it does! Quotes
Geoff Pratt
Life Mastery Consultant

Quotes Mr. Lindal, early in my coaching career I found an old site of yours on volleyball. It included information on volleyball including Bjerring Doubles and other assorted games. I've always wanted to thank you for that information, as it has really helped me improve many of my kids over the years. Your name popped up on a site today and I thought if I could find you somewhere I could do what I always wished to do. & lo and behold I found you here. I wish to give you a very sincere Thank you! Thank you so much! Quotes
Jim Mercer

Quotes He's youthful. His attentive gaze, his quick motions, and his unassailable determination to never stop moving all highlight his young character. His actions and life choices are symbolically youthful too; his defiance of society's expectations of seniors is as palpable as a typical teen's revolt against the previous generation's cultural artifacts like style and music. If he read the poem 'The Halcyon Days', he would tell Walt Whitman to go to hell. There is no slow down button. His drive for personal growth is limitless, his focus on goals is perpetual, and his pursuits are never-ending. He is a diametric opposite to an apprehensive university graduate that is anxiously uncertain about their future and what they want......Full testimonial is in the 'blog' section of this website... Quotes