Adventures continued Adventures continued The Old Kinsact Tressel 181132489 Kinsact Tressle June 2013 What a wonderful new bike riding adventure across the Kinsact Tressel, once a railway, now a bike way... 181132490 Vic as a Child Working hard in Atlin, BC with his mom, Victoria (Tory) Lindal. 174221791 Yuma Arizona Seniors Bike Ride 174221837 Hiking with his youngest son Vic and son Darren go hiking on Pender Island in August 2013 183203144 Adventure Finds New Path Vic, on another bike riding adventure finds a new path across the Sooke River in July 2013 183203145 Dec 2013 Vic and client, Jordan Watt climb Mt Finlayson in Victoria, BC after a 25 km bike ride. 188535162 Vic on top of Mt Finlayson 2013 188535164 Dec 25, 2013 Christmas hike, bush-wacking adventure with Vic and his son Dean and his grandsons in Sooke, BC. 188535163 Cayman Brac 2015 199637697 Galloping Goose 2015 199637709