Vic's pilgrimage Vic's pilgrimage Aquapendente 167561991 167561992 Radiconfani 167561993 Sienna Vic took a long escalator ride after getting off the train in Sienna 167616468 Sienna It seemed easy to get out of Sienna, but two maps and lots of exploring proved different. 167616475 Break Time Vic is quite proud of his special pillow 167616469 Charlie in Bolsena 167616470 Church Floor There were not always hotels or B & B's, so Vic and Charlie spent a night on a tile church floor. 167616471 First class Italian Meal 167616472 More great food! 167616474 Leaving Radicofani 167616473 Naples The View from Vic's room in Naples, Italy 167852590 Mt. Vesuvius 169425683