Family Family August 2013, Victoria From left to right: Jeffery (Vic's grandson), Andrea (Vic's daughter), Callia (Vic's Great Granddaughter, Andrea's Grand Niece), And the Great Vic. Callia brought a little blanket to the couch and tried to share with everyone! 184787189 164497028 164497029 164497030 164497031 164497032 164497033 164497034 164497035 164497036 164497037 Vic and Sheila in about 1969 with son Dean 164497038 164497039 Jeffery 10 years old 2013 Vic sponsored his grandson Jeffery for a one week soccer camp in Victoria. 185120488 Jeffery 10 years old 2013 Vic is all about his grandkids. Here is Jeffery, so happy to have a chance to attend a pro soccer camp in Victoria and stay with grandpa for the week! 185120489 Approx 1975 Vic with wife, Sheila, daughter Andrea, sons Dean and Darren... Maybe Mark was taking the picture? 199637797