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Day 7 -Capranica to Sutri

Posted by Vic Lindal on October 14, 2012 at 5:45 PM

After the sleep on the hard floor at the Church hall we returned the key to the policeman then headed out for Sutri.


Our departure city was Capranica.

We were lucky to have two day-hikers direct us passed the community water fountain at Capranica. We followed narrow midieval streets to the water fountain where there was a line up for water.


It was a beautiful off road hike on the way to Sutri. Our guide book had suggested to by-pass Sutri and our conclusion was that the guide book had made a mistake. 

We went to the centre square to ask about tourist information. Wow! What a great choice! They have the most incredible ampitheatre carved out of the rocks in ancient times. 

Uh oh!!!! Another thunder and lightening storm hit and we tried to flag down a bus, but because we were not at a bus stop, it would not stop. 

Charlie, my guide master went to find out about buses or taxis, as we had already done 15k and the rain was heavy. 

While having his discussion a lady from Roma, who was also waiting out the rain, heard Charles and offered to give us a ride to the next town,  Monterosi. Her and her friend were wanting to see the ruins.

As a side bar I later showed her The Camino video and she remember many of the pictures.

When we arrived in Monterosi, Fiammetta attempted to find a hotel or B&B.

Charlie brought out the guide book for ideas and we went to one B&B with no luck.

Then Fiammetta got on the phone and located an agritourisma place. This is where you live on a farm, but the only problem is that you are expected to bring and cook your own food. 

The host went to town and brought back sandwich makings.

Then Fiammetta drove us out into the country where we are now ready for tomorrow's adventure, and we are just a short distance off the trail. 

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