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Biking Adventure in Yuma Arizona

Posted by Vic Lindal on March 9, 2013 at 8:45 PM

Vic had a two week bike riding adventure in Arizona last month, and here are a few interesting points...

The Foothill Cycling Club organizes rides 5 days a week. For Vic's biking adventure with this group of riders ranging in age from 60 to 84, he joined them for rides ranging from 30 km to 71 km per day. Talk about a club for Vic! For those of you who remember 5 years ago, at the age of 70 Vic rode his mountain bike from Victoria to Manitoba with a theme of combatting 'AADD', Adult Adventure Deficit Disorder. He certainly continues this quest on a regular basis, as shown in his February biking adventure!

Here are some notes from Vic... 

The movie 'The 310 to Yuma' was all about a convict being sent to the prison in Yuma. For that reason I visited the historic site and did a tour of the facilities. It is not a place you want to go unless you are visiting.

The riders are from all over North America with the majority being Canadian.

These people are the ultimate snow birds with a purpos!. The purpose: Be sure to visit Yuma every year and cycle and socialize.

I was lucky and was able to borrow a bike. Normally I ride a hybrid with bigger tires. I for sure needed skinny tires to keep up on the long fast rides.

My first ride was an easy day, or at least I thought it was until they got to a long stretch. That, I found out, was the racing section. It was sure nice of them to wait until I caught up.(at the end of the stretch)

The next time I did this same ride I stayed up at the front. All this did was allow me to meet everybody as they rocketed by. At least they did not have to wait as long for me this time.

On the long 71 K ride to Somerton, the group I was in was to be the slower group and left ahead of the main pack. I was not aware of the distance so tucked up behind the two lead riders who took off at 18 miles an hour which is about 29 Kilometres an hour. My friend Sonja rode up to me and suggested I pull back. She said if you stay up there that will only encourage them to go faster. The "back off" was a good idea as they then ended up averaging 14 Miles per hour (22 K), which, for me was still fast.

It is a brilliant idea to meet seniors down in Yuma and cycle for 6 months, which many do. Then they told me many go back to their homes to train for next year, only to find out all the rest did the same thing.

The key to longevity is "Social Support Structure." Yes fitness is important, but the research says the key is the social support structure. These people have it for sure.


- Vic

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